Meet Roger Beattie

Roger's story is one of dedication and commitment through years of research and development to create a gem that is truly distinctive, truly one of a kind.

It’s a story of the vision of New Zealander Roger Beattie who, in 1989, established the first ocean based blue pearl farm at Whangamoe Inlet on New Zealand’s Chatham Islands. His understanding of the pearl fishery and an empathy, not only for the environment but also the very rhythms of nature’s life cycles, led Roger and his team to embark on a project which would see the creation of a new gem, unparalleled in its beauty and colour.

Roger is currently Director of Eyris Blue Pearls and Sea Right Investments. As well as being half of the R & N Beattie Farming Partnership, Roger is joint Director of NZ Kelp alongside his wife Nicki.

Having established his fishing and fisheries investment company R & N Beattie Partnership Farming on diving paua and sea urchin, Roger has since expanded the scope of Sea Right Investments Ltd into comprehensive quota management and acquaculture processing and export.

Roger established Eyris Blue Pearls in 1999 to develop the sales and marketing of the sea-based abalone aquaculture and blue pearl production. Eyris Blue Pearls has achieved international recognition and sales within the pearl community and continues to expand its supply of this unique and beautiful New Zealand product, to a wider market.

Roger has enjoyed presenting internationally on property rights, economics, the environment, branding & marketing, and European fisheries management. Sea Right Investments is at the forefront of the move within the whole of the New Zealand fishing Industry, away from expensive government administration of fish stocks towards cost effective industry management of improving fisheries. Roger recently joined the New Zealand Seafood Industry conference, delivering a presentation titled "20 years... Wasted Resources and Missed Opportunities."

“The philosophy underpinning my approach to the business of fishing and fisheries management is based on a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, secure property rights and industry organisation.”