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Pearl by Pearl... "Begin a tradition one pearl at a time"

The concept... Invest in a gift that keeps on giving. First you purchase a single solitaire pearl on a gold chain. Then you mark the special events in ones life by gifting them a pearl to ad to the nicklace... Eventually once the recipient is all grown up she will have a full strand of pearls in which each pearl marks a sentimental occasion in her life.

Each unit comes with a full invintory including the following items extra invintory is stored in a drawer built into the back side of the display...

Description quantity Item number
5-5.5mm single pearl starter necklace. 2 974005
6-6.5mm triple pearl starter necklace 2 974004
7-7.5mm single pearl starter necklace 2 974003
(Back up stock) 5-5.5mm loose pearls 6 996007/IM
(Back up stock) 6-6.5mm loose pearls 12 996009/IM
(Back up stock) 7-7.5mm loose pearls 4 996011/IM